"Guy...has practically invented a finger-picked guitar style, closer to jazz piano than guitar.

Billy Novick, on clarinet, had he lived in the 30's would be a legend...."

Boston Globe 

Guy Van Duser & Billy Novick

Critics Rave About Guy & Billy Performances... 

 "...a sound so full that it's hard to believe only two people hold the stage." 

 Calgary Herald  

 "...smooth-struttin' jazz and smokey blues...a rare fusion of emotion and intellect." 

Montreal Gazette

"...a moving performance that combined exquisite beauty with a blues feeling.."   

Manchester (England) Evening News  

"Riveting echoes of an earlier jazz era..."

Washington Post

"They'll stun you with the mastery of their playing..." 

Birmingham (Ala.) News

And They Like The Recordings, Too.... 

"An astonishingly good pair of musicians, now celebrating an astonishing 42 years of musical collaboration. Complete masters of their instruments, Billy Novick and Guy Van Duser have been playing together a long time but give off a sense of freshness and wonder that reveals a deep continuing sense of artistry and partnership."

Boston Arts Diary

"The 13 selections presented here are as much a treasury of American music as they are a showcase for Novick and Van Duser's superb instrumental interplay. From vintage jazz standards..to New Orleans Dixieland classics, the guitar and clarinet duo swings through clever arrangements with passionate energy and effortless grace...These guys just keep getting better."
Both demonstrated a love and respect for their vintage material but interpreted it with an individual freshness that was all their own..."


"The world's finest 2-man "Big Band," you'll be blown away by this CD. Billy's improvisations are unbeatable–melodic, elegant, and joyful. As for Guy, just re-read my Live At Boulevard Music review above. You know I think he's simply the best! There's just no other player who can do what he can—simultaneous bass, chords, melody, and improv—with as much style and taste! 

"Through their insrtumentation alone... Van Duser and Novick would seduce new generations of pimple-faced finger-pickers into hearing music older than their grandparents...