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"...the two elegant gents of the swing music world..."

Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Companion 


Performing America's Classic Jazz For Over 30 Years

"They'll stun you with the mastery of their playing..."

Birmingham (Ala.) News 


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"Elegant."  "Riveting." "Soulful." "Classic mastery." These are a few of the terms that have been used to describe the unique and stunning swing-jazz music of acoustic  guitarist Guy Van Duser and clarinetist Billy Novick.

Together as a duo for more than thirty years- longer than most marriages- Guy and Billy have performed  in concerts, clubs and festivals all over North America and Europe. You also  may have heard  them  as frequent guests of the Prairie Home Companion show,  NPR's All Things Considered, or on one one the numerous film and television soundtracks they have been featured on.

And like a good marriage, their music has wed together two perfectly suited musical personalities. Their music is based around Guy's innovative finger-style guitar wizardry, and his uncanny ability to play bass lines, chords and melodies all at the same time. With his  daring imagination, breathtaking technique,  and his  wonderful  musicality, Guy has become an inspiration for guitarists all over the world.

 Novick's ever-inventive and soulful clarinet playing  provides the ideal complement to Guy's guitar. With his vast knowledge of the classic jazz era, his dazzling improvising skills, and his entertaining vocals, Novick is able to both add a melodic and dynamic spark to Guy's guitar . Their music sounds fresh and original, yet is also deeply rooted in the rich legacy of the classic jazz age. The duo can play any piece from their huge repertoire-  an obscure Ellington tune, a  Gershwin classic, a complex Jelly Roll Morton arrangement, or perhaps one of the their originals- and immediately have it sound their own.

And, my,  how they swing! The two of them together can create a pulse as driving as any big band.  They have a musical telepathy and understanding that has  been honed by more than twenty-five years of playing together, a rhythmic drive that doesn't quit and  a  thorough mastery of their instruments.  Add to all of this their relaxed and engaging stage manner, and you will be treated to a joyously entertaining and musically enchanting show that, indeed, has already stood the test of time.

"Riveting echoes of an earlier jazz era..."

Washington Post


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